Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I was lucky to score last minute session tickets to agIdeas now annual design conference tonight. Beautiful opening animations formed part of the interactive platform speakers used courtesy of xyz studios (their site is well worth a look.)

Speakers were all fantastic to say the least, but a standouts included Stephen Dupont with his achingly beautiful collection of hand-crafted books. Particularly his Raskals series (right) and the 100 polaroid portrait project he undertook in Afghanistan, Axe Me Biggie.

One of the guys from jungleboys spoke about pursuing the ideas and work you want in the corporate world of advertising by taking risks; dubiously illustrated by their first mutual bunny humping venture...;)

Dean Gorissen spoke to his John Brack-like illustration and writing work...

Adam Hunt has a curious knack for scriptwriting and making people laugh; I realise now I've seen so many of ads on TV; We all laughed so hard way back when the Telstra Broadband ads were circulating showing a father explaining to his son that Emporer Nasi-Goreng had to build the great wall of China to keep the rapidly soaring rabbit population in check, needless to say the tagline that kids get real information from broadband, not their parents, is truly disturbing, but no-one cared...the script was fucking brilliant! His site goatboy.com is a nice little subversive project no doubt fueling some of his more commercial work. Taking some-one else's quote aptly, as advertisers will, he said "Risk is an essential part of creativity." 

Of course, Iain McCaig was the final speaker, ever his energetic self, he showed many of his sketches from the star wars trilogy, and it was nice to hear him speak so frankly about the work he produced for George Lucas and the work process that was adopted in the studio. George Lucas' stamps denoting various forms of satisfaction has attained legendary status, but it speaks to the finality that a big production like Star Wars must have in its production-concept stage.


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