Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Collaborative Studio Practice

I had to revisit the work of Canadian artist Char Davies in relation to the collaborative studio practice course the AIM team are undertaking with the 
aid of Unity. 

Davies is a new media artist, concerned with virtual spaces and interactive technology. She was a founding director of Softimage (now amalgamated into the conglomerate Autodesk) in Canada.  

The study of her two pieces of note, Osmose (1995) and Ephémère (1998), might be beneficial to generating ideas for the collaborative project and thinking about the theoretical space of the computer, and how we can treat and manipulate it. Davies has a doctorate in new media philosophy, and has written numerous essays on virtual space. Laurie McRoberts collected many of her ideas, processes and ratioanles in Char Davies' Immersive Virtual Art and The Essence of Spatiality; its worth reading just for the depth of information on her techniques. The paradox of her work remains that although her artwork used in the interactive real-time installations are algorithmically produced, they manifest as organic and ephemeral.

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