Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hunter Gatherer | Kat Mew

Kat Mew (meow!dropped by the studio today to say hello, share with us her versatile body of work and talk about her current art practice.

Kat comes from a background in graphic design (Swinburne 1995) and has been through many incarnations to finally end up in the (very covetable) role as Head of Graphic Design at ACMI. Drool.

The really pertinent moments of Kats spiel, were when she spoke about the importance of experimenting as much as you can when given the opportunity. Illustrating this Kat spoke about her experience in the AIM program, describing the process of persevering with a technique and learning through trial and error. 

It was interesting to note that Kat confessed she wasn't particularly good at any one thing, but that she had experimented with a whole host of different mediums and genres, and this was an approach which had facilitated her getting work because she had such a diverse folio. Kat mentioned to me that the key was to work really hard now, so that it pays off later in your dream job..
"..I worked really, really hard...I worked my ass off..!"

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