Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moodboards | Individual Studio Practice




I'm obsessed with textures; I think there's something very evocative about a simple, beautifully generated texture, and I like using them in moodboards because I think they're particularly functional and adept at conveying atmosphere, especially if you are concerned with abstract ideas.

I tried to associate the three moodboards through a sort of three act structure with a loose narrative supported by organic/mechanical/textural/artefact-imperfection inherit images. I am drawn to narrative concepts that deal with decay, particularly urban decay, and the evolution of this occurrence. 

In making these moodboards; I had in mind the notion of a blank canvas, where a seed is planted and flourishes organically, only to develop and morph into something that becomes mechanised and processed and eventually decays. I guess, in short, possibly a piece of pristine bushland that in time becomes urbanised and developed.

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