Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Orgesticulanismus - Mathieu Labaye

"So when you're deprived of the ability to move, as I am, as many others are...in order to survive you need to reinvent movement" - Benoit Labaye.

This film was part of the International Program series at MIAF last year, and I have been partly obsessed with the ideas in it since. I'm really interested in the 'everyday' movements, the cyclical morphing nature of the images, and the idea of repetition measured and quantified in a visual sense. They are notions that I'd like to explore in minor and major projects. Because I've been quite ill recently, the film has a certain resonance as I have found myself limited to bed in the past weeks, with only pencil and paper to express movement.


  1. Sofia! Are you okay? Why can't you move?

    The picture of the pills is very relaxing. Keep up the good work. Maybe we should switch genres for a few days some time in the future. I should try to actually draw things with a pencil, and you can do low-rez pixel stuff.

    Deal? Good.


  2. Haha!

    Yes I think I have Lupus disease! Internet diagnosis is a very bad thing! I will be in next week though.... I'd love to do a drawing swap, that would be very cool:)